Is your content actually engaging?

Rate My Content analyses a webpage or content of your choosing and lets you know exactly how engaging it is for your audience.

The tool analyses 4 crucial metrics to see if you’re using language that interests and involves your readers, whether you’re using a good balance of language types, and how you can improve your content to make it truly connect with users!

rate my content
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What does it say about your content?


Your content isn't doing enough to engage your readers - consider using exciting language more often and getting a better balance in the kinds of language you are using.


Your content excels in some areas and uses some great engaging language, but there’s still more you could be doing to connect even better with your audience.


Your content is fantastic at using the right language to captivate your audience - but there might be even more you can do to improve!

What do I get out of it?

Understand how engaging your content is

Engaging your users is the game, right? So isn’t it important that we check how engaging our content actually is? Rate My Content will give you an unbiased score on how engaging your content is, with tips on how to improve.

Find out if you are inside out or outside in

It is so easy to just talk about what we do and forget our impact for the user. Rate My Content will score how inside out or outside in your content is. The latter being the preference, you need to clearly define your audience’s problems and then address how you help them.

Is the present more important than the impact?

Getting your level of detail balanced with the impact and what it means for the future is really important to give context to your users. The present and the factual information is needed but what that means for the future is not to be missed. Does your content achieve this? Rate My Content will uncover your writing style and if the balance needs to be addressed.

Do you have a preference to audible, visual or kinesthetic language?

You may never have considered this, but it is really important, we will all have a preference. Therefore your content should aim to be balanced so it appeals to the unconscious bias we all have to language. Rate My Content will assess this for you and offer advice on how to improve.